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11-14-2012, 03:07 AM
I agree with you.

STF's are pretty much useless now, why run STF's on a constant grind if there isn't any other benefits besides Omega Marks? same with the Romulan Marks, only thing I have use for New Romulus is to climb.

I'll probably start doing ALOT more Fleet actions... :/ but the Fleet Marks are still petty.

I definately want dilithium back to STF's and the loot drops returned "forget EDC's and the others" I just want random weapons, consoles. Mk X - XI for Normal, Mk XI - XII For Elite.


"edit" - its pay 2 win, even the Exchange is pay 2 win, no decent loot from any of the end game "grind-fest" missions this equals the less than fortunate playerbase who can't whip out their wallet/purse every day to buy lock box keys to get things to sell on the exchange so they can buy things off the exchange to get better equipment.

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