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# 1 Sci Fleet ship?
11-14-2012, 03:21 AM
Qa'pla, fellow warriors!

My sci normally pulverizing FED's in the arena in the B'Rel is now in desperate need of an PVE ship with a little more hull.

My Tac's already got a flee scouge and a fleet raptor, but i cannot decide what to do with the sci. I already have a Kar'fi, equipped with DHC's, torps (as that is what i am skilled for) and turrets, dmg is OK, but it turns veeery slow for my taste.

(the b'rel would not survive 10s in "Into The Hive".. )

Am I being blond one more time or is there NO high ranked SCI fleet ship available to the KDF?

Any suggestions?

(almost considering buying a non sci scourge too)

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