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# 1 Bridge officer costume
11-14-2012, 03:50 AM
Simple question on a simple thing, since the s7 update we can see the visuals of the HG/M.A.C.O/Omega Force on our BOffs if they have some stuff equipped(2 pieces at least) and that's a very good thing to make'em look more badass.

When you equip some HG Mk XII to your BOff, he has the HG Elite armor visual including the helmet and that's where I want to ask my question: is there any way to remove the helmet from the visual ?(If it's the case I don't know how to proceed) but if there's no way to do that I want to ask devs the possibility to think about a simple and little option allowing us to disable/enable the helmets bound to these armors in the BOff menu.

P.S: I know there are lots of bugs/problems more important than that but I wanted to draw attention on this little point.

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