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11-14-2012, 05:06 AM
The truth is there is nothing that Cryptic could give the KDF now that is not going to feel like a bone.

The divide is just too great.

Lets recount

8 (Atrox, Armitage, Regent, 3x Vesta, 2x Steamrunner) vs. 0 ships.

They could have released KDF ships if they wanted to. Given the revenue they have been raking in, they could afford the investment.

They chose not to.

I don't care that Season 8 is supposed to be the mythical KDF season. By then the Feds will be screaming blue murder "Why didn't we get that?", "When are we getting better cruiser like the KDF!", "Why does the KDF always get the best stuff"... and it will never end. Ever

The best thing that the KDF can do for a while is concentrate in PvE and sanction the PvP queques.

Stop playing Fed Vs. Klingon for a while.

Let the Feds play with their toys.

Cryptic created this divide so let it exist.

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