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11-14-2012, 05:06 AM
When you mentioned how terrible it was you had all this stuff do I have to say well wasn't that the idea behind releasing new content.

I just played an elite ground mission, without the op it gives like 90 marks.
If 2 days = 26 marks then 90 marks is a week's worth of marks for the reputation system in like 30 minutes.

1 mission = nothing to do for a full week.

And obviously they want you to have something to do outside 30 minutes worth of time per week...
They openly said that should be fleet action hence the dil was moved there.

The extra positive about that is it gives you plenty of times to keep up on marks with your alts.
And in the huge gap of lost time you can also go out and earn.

Albeit personally I am not a fan of fleet missions mainly because I end up with marks I can't use for anything since the projects are always filled in my fleet.