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11-14-2012, 04:45 AM
My major concerning is about dilithium. In season 5 dilithium wasn't much important, you needed it to buy some doffs or items and criptic point from others players... This is why to buy a cp you needed much more dilithium than now. In season 6 dilithium was more important because of fleet base system... Projects to advance, upgrade and improve the base can be really dilithium demanding, expecially for little fleets... So much demanding that a little fleet like mine had choose to stop building the base... Even if grinding dilithium was still easy, you could refine only 8k daily for each toon and that dilithium had to be enough to advance the base, buy doffs, items and so on...
Now with season 7 everything is much more difficult and someway impossible. Suppose you work all the day and you can play only 2 hours every day... Grinding dilithium is very difficult, no dilithium in stf, less dilithium in daily missions... Moreover fleet projects need great amount of dilithium and you have embassy and your reputazion system to advance too... I have also an example about how much expensive and illogic things can be. Lets talk about the dilithium requirement to get white doffs and convert them in a purple one. First of all you need 125 white recruiting them at the accademy, you need 25 assignments... So 25000 dilithium. The second step is converting them in 25 green doffs paying 12500 dilithim. Second step is paying 12500 to convert the green doffs in 5 blue doffs... You end paying 5000 dilithium to get a purple doff... The sum is 55000 dilithium, to get a RANDOM purple doff with no special power... Much more than buying it from ferra or buying zen points at the exchange and than buy a reinforcement pack from the store. Moreover you have to evaluate how many days are required to finish the job... So much that there is no balance and no reason to do that job. Moreover to complete many projects, you need not only dilithium but also fleet or omega or romulan marks energy credits... Too many different item, too many time. I do not want a quick way to advance, but this is imho too much. Why do you need so many kinds of marks? Why not just 1-2 of it?

Moreover I am concerning also about how much "wallet depending" this game is at the moment. I like sto and I am a recurring subscriber... I understand that PW is not a no profit organization and that is my way to support the game. I also understand that some items and ships are sold from the zen store... But in the last months many interesting ships and items are avoidable only as random reward opening lockboxes or doffs pack... All of us understand that that is a way to pay a ship/item much more than any other item from the z-store with the restriction to bind it to one toon only.... Does PW really think that people will continue playing a game so much wallet and time depending? May be is better buying a game for my play station... It's cheaper