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11-14-2012, 05:15 AM
Honestly I used to have a lot of fun flying by brel in stfs... now its not an option. I will pull argo 95% of the time, and I will respawn every single time getting hit by torps that hit for 60k+ that is plain not survivable in a brel no matter what you have even with my armour absorbing a good 30% of that its still insta pop when you have 30k close to 50k hull fed escorts are not much more usable at the moment.

Either fix threat properly giving cruisers an INATE passive bonus to threat generation, and escorts and sci inate passive threat reduction bonuses..... or correct the borg base torp dmg.

I don't mind the odd one shot... but when they at this point after this patch I can pretty much count it down when I grab argo... I have a bout 20 seconds before I get hit by something I simply can't do squat about. Its BS and extremely unfun.