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11-14-2012, 05:44 AM
Seems we have this discussion every few months when someone gets there knickers in a twist.

We don't need no stinking mods.

Seriously If I was emerald when I created the chan I would have removed myself from the mod slot and just had no mods period.

Damn people you have an ignore button if you don't like what someone is saying use it... if a few of your freinds feel the same way the system will even kick in a 24hr silence for the troll.

Why is it that we need people to be general muted again ? seems to me the majority should rule and the way the system works and considering there is almost always 100+ people online in Opvp should it not police it self with out the need for any ego stroking....

Not that I have anything against anyone that is a mod now has been a mod in the past or Paxs list of suggested people now... its just redundant and unneeded imo.