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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
So I was doing some calculations after looking at what Cryptic did as a result of S7, and I came to the following conclusion:

Feds actually cannot hit their 8k limit with just daily missions.

Now here is what I calculated:

Foundry (Investigate Officer Reports): 1440
Explore Strange New Worlds: 1440
Eta Eridani Triplet: 1440
Deferi Dailies: 1440
Emancipation + Rescue + Academy Quiz: 1440
Dilithium Asteroid Mining: 600

Which brings the grand total up to... 7800.

Last I checked 7800 was less than 8000. So there you have it. Feds got screwed.

On the flip side, I was laughing when I finished calculations, because I looked at the KDF, and they were perfectly fine. In fact, their total Dil they can get is well over 8000. It's actually more like 12 or 13k per day.

So there you have it, a change that boned feds, and left the KDF mostly unscathed.

P.S If I missed any daily sources of dilithium for the feds, please let me know.
P.P.S This did not add in Borg/Tholian Sector Incursions, simply due to the random nature of those events and the fact not everyone has access to/ can win at them.
if you can't hit the max, do a starbase 24 or some other fleet action (starbase 24 is like a 10 minute battle for acceptable loot and dilithium
and here is the deal...klingons do not have that fleet action.

so in my opinion, if you want to hit 8k per day you still can do it easily with both factions.
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also the time it would take you to do your listed dailys, i may be able to pull of double of that with PVP and fleet actions.
i mean, half of what you list are just a maximum time consuming missions that reward nothing compared to the time invested. basically in the time you travel around in sector space to get to them i can make like 4k dilithium.
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