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11-14-2012, 06:37 AM
as a starfleet uniform (that we have years of TV to draw from) i think its inappropriate and aimed at young boys.

however, i dont consider it sexist either. real women have legs and breast, and quite a large number of them do like to wear revealing clothing. even in the 24th century it happens, so i cant agree its sexist as its very normal for women to dress similar to that.

but as a starfleet officer its not the sort of clothing i would expect. people might point to the short skits of the 23rd century and the skants of the 24th. troi's plunging neckline as well, although only from her off duty/councillor uniform. it does not bother me, but perhaps it should have been avoided.

the goofy running/falling and not looking where the phaser is aimed is what makes it more tacky for me.

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