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11-14-2012, 06:58 AM
Hull is gonna stay where it is as long as they want to keep any sense of balance.

The ship can support heal and DPS right on the verge of escorts. And if you go with a weird build like my double A2bat one that can gravwell + csv and pop a RSP and VM every minute you melt faces of entire groups of NPCs and can take the return hate.

I tanked the borg queen on elite with the Vesta. Was really hard but creative use of polarize hull and Hazz emitters kept her from eating my hull alive.
Dontra just got reverse tanked and slapped down hard wasn't even funny how badly this ship mauls her.

Its a different sort of sci. If you put cannons and run a damage build you will draw aggro. and you have to keep shield facings up and high resist as the hull is made of material less substantial than a business masters thesis. So some kind of armor increasing ability is a must A2S or PH. APD is pretty sweet if you really want to focus on not getting taken out with shields still up. With that and Haz emitters running as fast as you can get you should be able to take the occasional borg states of disapproval.

I may find something that works better in a few weeks but sofar this lets me do damage and stay around. Oh yea and lastly your not a cruiser even though your as big as one if you have half shields and less than 70% hull, Leave! GTFO, exit stage right. Switch to support and throw your TT and TSS on whoever is now tanking and fix your hull up before going back, EPTS should take care of your shields by the time your hulls back.