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What we knew about, we DID complain about. Guess what? It didn't help!

And anyhow, we were told that "oh this is just on tribble, it will change when it goes live".

So face it, we had virtually no warning. What little warning we had and protested to, was to no avail.

And the result? I've talked to more people I know packing up and leaving over the last 24 hours, than I've heard over the last year. I'm still here myself, at least until I have tried out the new content. But if things do not change, I doubt I'll be around more than a month...

Well played Cryptic... well...played...
I remember when Cryptic pushed this on the player base in CoH.

In 2007 a significant gameplay change called "Enhancement Diversification", or ED, was implemented in Issue 6. ED received strong negative feedback from the player community. The response thread to ED on the official City of Heroes message forum exceeded 3,500 replies in the first 36 hours, and soon after grew so large that a second thread was required due to forum software limits.

ED imposed a point of sharply diminished returns on how far each individual aspect of each power could be improved. Prior to ED, a player could focus all enhancements on only one of a power's aspects and receive fully cumulative benefits. Cryptic's stated reason behind ED was "to promote the use of more different types of Enhancements in powers".

Critics derided ED for its universal reduction of the maximum possible effectiveness of all characters, making it a global nerf, that many defensive powers had now been significantly weakened for two Issues in a row, frustrating especially those who specialize in such powers and invalidated many of their existing tactics; that some powers cannot legally or usefully accept more than one type of Enhancement and thus cannot be "diversified"; that it was deceitful to enact such a severe change less than a month after official Jack Emmert announcing "we?ve finished making large changes to the power sets" and that ED was too fundamental a change to implement so long after the original launch.

Some, but not all, of the negative effects of Enhancement Diversification were negated with the release of the Invention system in Issue 9, allowing players to create one enhancement that affects multiple statistics at once with bonuses for a full set that would affect global (across all powers) statistics thus allowing powers to increase a given statistic beyond the point of diminishing returns, while still honoring the limits created with ED during Issue 6.