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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
Those that have left STO, good bye. Your final feedback about leaving the game is enough to say the least.

But there is nothing that attributes feedback about STO in statements such as "MWO has rekindled our likeness in PvP".

Forum Moderators/Admins/Devs, take heed of those that have left the game as prior warned by me. But now you guys need to cut your losses and the unnecessary feedback from those that have left your game. I'm a paying consumer of your product, and still play STO. Which includes the use of these forums. I do not enjoy logging on here reading about MWO. If I wanted to read about MWO I would be on the MWO forums.

Lock up the "Loving" the new changes thread. It's going nowhere. Most of the content in there is spam, as it is unrelated to your product to begin with.

OH boo-hoo.

I also am a paying customer of this game, an also had hopes the PvP would have a bigger role in STO. Time in game and on these forums have cured me of that delusion and I ALSO play MWO. I've learned from playing and posting, that if you don't like the content- MOVE ON.
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