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11-14-2012, 08:36 AM
Anyone have impressions of the Engi and regular Science versions of the ship so far?

I'm mainly intrigued for the looks, because this is the first 3-pack that actually makes the ship look different between models, so buying the 3-pack effectively nets you 3 skins.

If only they would do the same for the Odyssey and Bortasq.

That in mind, I'm only looking to pick up one if I can help it, and I'm wondering which one I should get. Since hitting VA I've never remotely played a ship that uses science powers beyond TSS and Hazard emitters, so I'd like some advice on how to fly a Vesta "like a science vessel". I'm open to dropping the cannons if that's what it takes.

I'm an Engi captain and I main a Chimera and an Armitage, both with conventional cannon builds. Right now I'm eyeing the Rademaker because of the looks, but I'd like to know how you lot feel about its gimmick and console layout versus the Aventine and Vesta.