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11-14-2012, 08:41 AM
I have to laugh, if this is PWE's attempt to make STO like every other MMO out there I think they've succeeded. Tho the 'fun' factor left when I completed the FE's I still had a goal- prepare for the endgame. Now with S7 I don't see an endgame to prepare for, all I see is an endless cash-sapping, mind numbing grind toward the next seasons new grind, and whatever sink.

The realization hit me while doing the new Romulan 'mark' patrol, 9 freeking engagements over 1.5 hours for a handful of the new currency that the reputation system demands in addition to the dozens of common commodities required for each project. I don't particularly need the gear, am doubtful the passives will be a major benefit, and don't see anything new in the c-store worth grinding dilith-to-zen for KDF players.

All I see is a cheaply skinned rehash of existing content (Nukara, fleet system) and new sinks. Congrads PWE, you've made a vaguely unique game very ordinary.
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