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11-14-2012, 07:48 AM
real bottom line: it ain't your place to decide

if you have a problem with a thread/post/poster you should follow the rules and report it, no? and leave it to the mods.

I've always tried to stay civil in any discussion on these forums. In 3 years I have received 0 (zero) infractions/warnings/bans. You just piss me off with your moral superiority complex and I've finally decided that an infraction is worth telling you how I feel. Posting about rules in a post that openly violates said rules makes you a hypocrite and neuters your credibility.

Talking about the advantages of MWO is a way of expressing dissatisfaction with the product PWE has made of STO. It is my right to do so. When did compare and contrast become a bad thing? You just seem to want everything to be all smiles and sunshine. Well some people are tired of the "coming soon" line. Cryptic has just used it to string us along for too long. We still want this game to succeed, and still want to play it. We're just tired of the lies Cryptic keeps jamming down our throats and the total lack of attention given to PvP.