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Originally Posted by repetitiveepic View Post
The idea is for you to buy zen and trade it for dilithium on the dilithium exchange, that is the whole idea, the only idea.
I know that... my subscription will expire on january 9th, until that day I will not buy a zen... I'll see how the game will change and if it will be necessary to buy zen points and exchange them for dilithium (what dilithium if grinding it is so difficult?) in order to play... than I will leave sto.

Originally Posted by katee1313 View Post
I could not agree more as I already do.

Of course it is all about money and I can understand that. O also work for money (or how could I pay for food, water, electricity? internet ), you all who are employed work for money, so do the people in CRYPTIC. But there needs to be some reasonable extend. Or how is it possible, that other online games survive even if they don't exploit their players. I bought gw2, play the game without the necessity of spending real money and yet I consider to do so and support the game, maybe I buy some outfit. Yes, the game is not 100% perfect, but I do not feel to be exploited. I see dev's effort to make the game better, so why not support them.

STO was a dream that came truth. However in it's current state I don't even dream about spending my money, as I would get absolutely nothing.
I think no one expext PW working for glory... but this do not mean I am happy to be handled like a cow to milk... I can pay a balanced subscription to play and also buy some item from the store, but this do not seems balanced at all... better buy one game a month for my playstation