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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
I'd read the Giffiths/Cole paper before. And it's focused on friendships in MMOs, which is more of a function of chat than of gameplay. I maintain that in terms of gameplay, there is more interest in ambient and indirect interaction than in coordinated and directly competitive interaction. And that's kindof an obvious principle because the latter two are more resource taxing and largely irrelevant to socialization.

Which has zilch to do with PvP or coordinated play. Additionally, when people DO coordinated play with friends, yes, it's theoretically less socially taxing. But that doesn't mean they want to team with or fight people they are NOT friends with. 70% HAVING friends is not the same as 70% BEING friends. So you've got 5-10 friends that you like playing with. What does that say about anything? The more striking number is that 30% have none.
If we are talking personal experience as you seem to be then let me tell you how my personal experience and those I have spoken to in-game is totally out of whack with your thinking.

When I joined STO I didn't know anyone in game. I came here for Star Trek. I didn't really make any friends in the game UNTIL I started playing co-operative play. In fact I have made all my friends on STO through playing STF's. STF's brought people together for a focused effort in co-ordinated team play, through it I found out who was goo dat doing missions and began enjoying spending time with those people and becoming friends with them.

Today when I logged on the STF's channels were dead.

I think you need to re-evaluate your own qualitative experience in the light of others, because I am afraid you are wrong.