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11-14-2012, 09:07 AM
The quote below about story bears repeating, especially the part where Kirkfat says: "Your team provides stupid virtual goodies and not Star Trek." That'ws why I left the game for some time - I was bored running the same stuff over and over again.

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If you want to know why my lvl 50 stopped grinding dilithium... what is the point? I don't care about stupid virtual goodies. I care about Star Trek. You team provides stupid virtual goodies and not Star Trek. So, I stopped caring about your stuff and cared far more about the only place in this game that has a soul or a story.

I'm sorry if I didn't meet your MMO expectations. I don't like to mow the lawn every day as a chore. I'd rather feel immersed in the universe of Trek, when your game isn't ruining all levels of that immersion.

Like, what exactly do you want me, as a player to do in this game? You want me to rush back and forth between the same content that I played yesterday? You want me to just rinse and repeat content that uninspired to begin with? It's like you want me to circle an arcade on a daily basis with set tasks to do, which include doing things that suck and are simply not fun to do.

"Now is your time to farm anomalies.... Now is your time to play some slogfest with no story... no is your time to repair a satellite that breaks everyday..." Your dilithium is dumb. Your starbases are a reskinned doff system, and your reputation system is a repeat of that reskin.

I'm sorry. I refuse to waste my time with things that are not fun.

Screw that. None of that is fun. I'll play how I want to play, and I've officially stopped caring about how you want or expect me to play your non-content content. You stopped caring about the "meat" of your game a long time ago.
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