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11-14-2012, 08:17 AM
We, the foundry authors, have taken a hit from the rest of the community, blamed for the vanishing quick foundry mission, but we are not responsible for the fashion (read: stupidity) in which this was done. People will cast blame when things go badly.

On the other hand, I don't think we can get overly upset at the rest of the community for the situation either; this was Cryptic being sloppy and shamelessly greedy. (I no longer distinguish between Cryptic and PWE--why bother?)

The attack (and I think it is fair to call it that) was on the ability to procure dilithium in-game by players without a cash transfer. Utterly foolish since this arrangement allowed players who would not or could not sink money into the game to encourage those who would to spend even more to get at this grind dilithium via the C store and what-not.

There is a far better way to control exploit missions and it has been halfway implemented already by their absurd "fix." If every foundry mission gave dil based on the number of steps so that an hour of foundry play produced about 1,000 dil, that would allow people to procure their dil if they put the time in and get real missions played.

Their "three 20-minute missions" will get you 1440 is a BS solution as very few missions are 20 minutes so a new breed of exploit will just arrive involving a dozen or so console clicks in the same location. Problem NOT solved, Foundry demonized and marginalized from the rest of the community even further.

Cryptic is not trying to make the game better at all--it never crosses their mind. They have locked themselves into a narrow "HOW DO WE GET OVER ON THEM?" mindset and I don't think STO will long survive it.

Perhaps that's for the best. Maybe, once this thing crashes and burns, another developer with a bit more vision and self-restraint will end up with the license.

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