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Seriously.. You stole all my borg salvage, locked it in a box I cant open till I've spent millions in EC trying to reach T3 for Omega? Freaking BS, that is such an insult. The Reputation missions are going to end up costing me weeks and weeks of casual play to regain where I was. With no dilithium drops, no random loot drops, no bonus drops in the missions, you have effectively cramped everyones play. Congratz.

You can not continue on this path of adding ever more bells and whistles, changing the game economy and style of play in every new season, and expect the player base to enjoy the game as they once did.

I absolutely hate the new reputation system, and even more so how it was implemented. We the players just get screwed over again and again. Tiered unlock systems are a scam, forcing players to buy zen and play in ways they dont want to.