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I dropped my cruiser for an escort a while ago and only feel regret when I remember I like larger ships.

There are a few extra reasons I'd like to add to the OPs post.

1. Way way back in season 1, when weapon power wasn't instantly replenished upon the end of a firing cycle, cruisers energy management abilities and consoles allowed them to be pretty competitive when it came to damage dealing.

2. The devs moved the shield consoles to science, effectively giving sci focused ships even tankier shields and taking away a good portion of tank from cruisers.

3. Devs halved the power boosting consoles.

4. The only really useful consoles engineering wise for cruisers are neutronium, the rest are traps for new players.

5. The difference between a cruiser and an escorts shields is tiny.

Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
Question: How do the different difficutly levels effect the comparitive performance of the different ship types? Does anybody know?
They don't effect them at all really. Elite difficulty isn't really all that different from normal difficulty, they just upped the hull, shields and damage dealt of NPCs. Since tanking is as insane as it is, an escort can happily tank an elite mob, with the only real visible difference being it takes 4 seconds to kill a ship rather then 3. Cruisers infact come off worse in elite difficulty, since they probably won't be able to get a shield down before the target has regenerated some of it. As such elite difficulty just compounds the cruiser issue.
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