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11-14-2012, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by joshl7889 View Post
The rep system isnt locking u into 1 project. wats happening is at the beginning there r only 2 projects. and u cant have 2 of the same project running at one time. so if u start one and que the other to happen right after it. it wont let u start either on in the other assignment slot. so to fix this u use 1 slot for 1 project. que up the same one to start right after. and use the other slot to do the other project. and repeat, its the same way with the fleet starbase system

The reason it says that it is full is because they reduced the amount of officers needed to complete the project. therefor u already had the needed amount once the changes set in. if u tired to contribute it wont let u. and it will stay lit up even when the project actually begins
The thing is I didn't start any I just clicked on the area for queuing. It bought up the selection list, I selected one project (not sure which) and it both started a project and queued the other.

I guess the real issue is why is there even an option to queue the next project? It's not like a starbase where you have leaders and multiple people contributing to the projects so you need to queue the next project for them.