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11-14-2012, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by defalus View Post
If anyone else has similar issues I would be grateful if you added it in.
I can confirm this too. I did some testing, using Tachion Harmonics III from borg medical analyzer or analyst MK X kit. The description says, it deals 270 shield damage to the target (using a character with particle physics on 6). In season 6 it worked as intented, doing the above damage.
But in season 7, it does 70 to 90 damage to the shield, which is so low that there is no real purpose in using that kit at the moment . To exclude damage resistances etc, I did the test on a target wearing a white personal standard issue shield (the one for 2ec from the replicator) using no armor at all. The result is the same, the effect is so low that it doesn't even drops the shields.

Please fix that, because it ruins sci gameplay.