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11-14-2012, 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
She's dressed in attire that one can basically use in game. Are you saying those costume pieces should be removed from the game?

As for pose, it's an action shot. Are you saying you don't lean forward when running?
From a stand still, to full sprint, tell me you don't lean/bend forward at the waist.
The picture is awful, no two ways about it. It looks like it was drawn by an adolescent male for the cover of his Tolkien fanfic novella.

The background is a mural showcasing things that are relevant, like SHIPS and NEW ROMULUS. Only one of those ships is allotted more space than her boobs. The homepage is even worse, it's zoomed in on her chest and there's only a nacelle showing.

This is like those browser games that have a random picture of some elf chick in the banner but are pure spreadsheet sim games. The difference is, those are cheap asian carbon copy browser games, so you don't expect them to spend money on advertising or production.

Let me be clear, I don't object to the in-game costumes being showcased, and I don't have a problem with using sex to sell something. I have a problem with the god awful quality of that picture. I'm embarrassed to have that up on my screen for a friend or family member to see. It's done with the same hand as comic books or anime with a target audience of pre-pubescent males who have only a vague idea of the female form.

Maybe next season Cryptic should hire these girls. Here's one with some of the same elements as that disaster on the homepage. If they did this kind of stuff as a hobby, what do you think they could do if Cryptic threw a few dollars at them?