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11-14-2012, 10:17 AM
Yea they obviously sat around a table plotted and schemed and came up with a plan to lie and deceive us all, there customers. Now that is what hurts.

There is no point to EVER test play there Tribble server ever again, and Stahl has proven how two faced and liar Cryptic are to con you out of more money.

If they were honest from the get go and stayed honest then it would have gone badly but better, it is just that Stahl lied while staring us in the eyes and most do not like that fact.

Why Test for them if they never listen, or LIE to you especially after testing for them.

I wish S7 had never arrived, yes more content but the game is boring at the moment now, i actually miss STF's and the STF shop etc, all they had to do was keep adding STF's and loot.

Theyve killed STFs now, killed DS9 and hurt there playerbase badly.

Didnt Stahl say hed get the 'top Place' crap removed from the FA's? they didnt even do that, they didnt even tweak them, they are still bad and shody.

What a disaster things are at the moment