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Originally Posted by obertheromulan View Post
The Ground Ability bar used to remember which device slot is assigned to which slot on the skill bar.
Now every time I move an item it ends up somewhere else, and I have to go through all the tabs to find the item and pull it back to where it belongs.
Same happens for any other skill that temporarly disappears. For example replacing the MACO armour with a enviromental suit, and then putting it back on. The set bonus will be on some random tab.
Locking the bar doesnt change it either. Very annoying.
+ The same goes for the space abilities bar (space devices)
+ I didn't replace MACO ground set with any other armour, shield or weapon, yet its powers end up in tab 0 (ESC) and tab C1 (IFR) sometimes when I log out/log in, change instance or map or respawn. EDIT I've just realised this happens everytime I toggle between my equipped weapons during one particular map and then change instance/map, respawn etc. If I don't toggle between weapons the powers stay in my preferable tabs in tray.

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