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i know im not the only one to say this but hive elite is way to hard.Even from the beginning its way hard especially when your in a sci ship or BoP which make them kinda pointless to use when plasma burn the culprit that's killing use our low hull and and there design to keep there shields up was not meant for this. plasma burn need to be pu back to the normal damage cause it hurts way to mush and way to fast .

Theses are things that need taken off pulse and shield neutralizer, this is not a red alert this is a stf its kinda like flying in an stf with no shields .its Not the fact that its just one a fleet can handle that. it the fact that its multiple ships that targeting you and they can shot it every about 10 sec (you get hit with a neutralizer you put your buffs on your ok but you get hit with a second on now what do you your emitters is on cool down you spend your shields buff to regen what shields you lost) boom you your shields are completely gone, all facing!! and its not like thew use beams to destroy you with but torp spread 3 that's game. restart!!! feedback pulse also need to be remove it hurts. the team has to stop shooting so they wont die from killing them self but the plasma burn finish them of any way so that needs to be nerf .Tho unimatrix 1 and 2 are from fleet alert they need to be nerf as well ,tractor beam and regen probes are way to mush when under pressure.

last and not way least is the queen herself whw has all of this besides the probes. what i cant stress enough that need to be remove completely is her integrated acton assimulator.before s7 i used to go point blank range on gates and probes and just tank them in my cause she has that assimulator its very hard to do that after she one hit kills you that needs to be nerf or set at normal settings.Even if all your shields are up they still find a way to pop you and some of this implied to the others stfs witch makes them hard as well.the devs buff the borg at the point that it is impossible to fight them and stay alive and earn the objective and we been nerf because of pvp spamming and exploits (what?) tractor beam, techyon beam these are what are essential to stf victory pvp complainers are people who don't know that to do in a pvp.

Now pve's are highly imbalance the opposite of what the devs wanted, its lopsided now . ether put back the borg to how they were are we the players get a huge monster buff or i quite stf cause there's no gain in it but romulan and omega marks witch i can do for borg or thoilan invasion. i get the feeling you cyptic thinks of use like sheep redirecting use to what they want use to do. want use to do stf make it all about stf and noting ales now there Romulus and there marks make it about new Romulus and take out dilt so we have no other choise but to do Romulus. STO has gotten really unfair

my writing is bad sorry

I absolutely agree she needs a nerf even in the normal difficulty, there is no way that this mission is capable of being completed in 25min.

I would like to make reference and modify a quote from Monty Python. "Nerf the witch!"