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Today in Org-pvp.

[6:30] Devoras@Devoras_Serenitus: Oki, so if i get people right here

[6:30] Devoras@Devoras_Serenitus: P2W consoles and ships Is NOT the problem with PvP

[6:30] Devoras@Devoras_Serenitus: did i interpret said folkd correct?

[6:30] Magikus of Fire@Sagikus: the idea is like this: a big chunk of the players are looking for F2P MMOs. they enter the game without planning to spend a single cent on it. Yet, they say it's not "fair" to have P2W ingame items

[6:30] Looney@galilleos: yes i would say so devoras

This might be coming from one person, and maybe dragged out of context. BUT, how many others are feeling the same or is this just utter rubbish?
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