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Originally Posted by galronopvp View Post
The concept of a stripped down version of STO for pvp only on a seperate server is a nice idea but that would involve DStahl actually caring about the pvp community when it consists of only .02% of the game (those were his words by the way).

But there is Hope for PVP.......its called Mech Warrior Online......want good pvp go there its worth the move
Yeah I remember those comments which further cements the fact he's a damn liar in my book. Lets start looking at the math. If only .02% of ppl playing pvp, that means for JUST ONE arena to pop, there would need to be an average of 50,000 players playing at the time it pops. That's ONLY if all ten players that are queued are queued for THAT arena match and no other queues (I.e. cap or ground or kvk). Since thats never the case and there is always other players queued for other queues that aren't popping such as cap, ground, or low level pvp, now your looking at more like about 100,000 players needing to be online playing for ONE arena to pop. And what if theres a cap'n'hold running when your atena pops? now your looking more in the ~150-200k players online. Do those numbers sound legit to you?

Here's another way to look at it. .02% means that 1/5000 players pvp's. so for e1 reading this post, you represent 4999 other players that don't pvp. So do we all know 4999 DIFFERENT players in the game that don't pvp? I realize not a lot of us socialize with pve'ers, but I do believe most of us started this game pvp'ing before learning to pvp. Does anyone really think they've PVE'd with 4999 DIFFERENT players than the guy next to you that your pvp'ing with? Cause he needs to know 4999 DIFFERENT pve'rs than you know also, as well as every one the ppl on your team AND every player on the other team.

This is another example of cryptic justifying not working on pvp, but not putting any research or thought into the justification they've given. Sounds kinda like they're development team.