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11-14-2012, 09:51 AM
Originally Posted by kyeto13 View Post
I have heard so... SOOOO much whining about the new season "stealing" stuff and changing the dilithium requirements, and how new sets work and how the Omega system works. It's almost like these people were surprised by what was happening in the season. I literally saw a thread where someone was demanding that Cryptic return their EDCs and Remen datalogs.

Guess what? It's not going back, and you had plenty of warning.

The Devs have been more than transparent with the Season update, even allowing us to play around with it on Tribble for the past three weeks. There have been Dev blogs going back the past six weeks discussing every new feature in this season update. And there have been more than enough threads picking apart every single tweak in the game. The Tribble patch notes have spelled out every detail of the every system that is to be changed in game.

In short, It is WAY too late to complain about it. Get use to it, the new game is here.
Devs said that we'd get dilithium for stfs, then BAM release day now we dont. Now there is a 90% increase in AFKers who hit up the PvP queues.

Return dilithium to the STFs so the new AFKers can **** back off. That is all I want.
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