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Okay, so, I'm on the fence on a lot of S7 changes. As a leader of a small fleet, we're seriously going to miss some of those dil sources. T2 is....a ways off, now. But I did recognize that the investigate daily was not what it was intended to be, and that's fine and whatever. (I am less pleased with the changes to STF rewards, but hey, I don't -have- to do STFs.)

But I logged in today to check the inching progress of our little fleet, and noticed some serious inequity on "Station Engineering Officer on Starbase". Don't get me wrong, the move from three purple doffs to 15 white doffs is a good one, and if I filled the doff requirements before the change, eh, sometimes you buy something right before the price drops, and you're just out of luck.

Except my three purple doffs apparently weren't -worth- fifteen whites, because now I'm 7 doffs shy of completion.

To reiterate, I had FILLED three purple doff requirements, and now I am being asked to contribute SEVEN MORE WHITES.

Seriously, Cryptic, what the hell is your metric on converting stuff like this? This is like buying something, having the price go down, and -then- finding out the thing you bought has been repo'd until you pay another 10%.

What. The. Hell.