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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Is it? Is it really? Did you sit in on the meetings?

Of course you didn't. So you're really just making **** up, right?

Anyway. On to some **** that is actually factual. If you ONLY consider the OP's calculations that ONLY consider the one route for obtaining and converting Doffs, what is the maximim amount of dil that you could even SPEND in a week?

Oh right. That.

Yeah really. Zero's numbers have a big hidden bias. He ignored branch recruitment and calculated based solely on general recruitment. Which has a CD of 2 days. So... the method outlined in the OP would take ~1000 days(2 days for the mission+ 2 day CD*125 packs needed) (ZB claimed 100 days)

Also general recruitment gives at least 1 green, his calculations assume 5 whites from it.

Anyways, bottom line is that it was never a good way to get purples. But lazy peeps abused the heck out of it anyways.

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