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11-14-2012, 10:04 AM
From my point of view, I`m disapointed with S7. But other way, then most of the players.
S7 is not fun at all, and I`m playing for fun only. My problem is, the borg are far too strong now, crytic is on the borg side in the battles. Other point is that, most of the romulan missions are dull. Not so much stories, only grinding. Basically since the F2P started sto is changed too much, I don`t like it.
I`m still cannot understand why it is so necessary for crytic to make angry the players with the dilithium farming changes. It is like you give a new present (s7) and you broke it in the same time. Why not do the dil changes a months later, if you need to do it so badly?

I spent a lot on sto, but now I cannot see anything to pay for. I see only hard work in it, not fun. And if I won`t feel good in the game, the I won`t any spend money.
Next week the Hitman 5 will release.....

Sorry for my bad english.