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Here is the DOFF changes Section of the Patch Notes S7

Duty Officers:

The Dilithium cost associated with Reassignments has been increased:

White to Green: Now 500 Dilithium
Green to Blue: Now 2500 Dilithium
Blue to Purple: Now 5000 Dilithium

The "General Recruitment" assignment available on both faction Academy zones has been altered: Duration increased from 20 hours to 48 hours.
The cooldown is unchanged.

An input cost of 1000 Dilithium has been added.

The variety of Duty Officers in the Department-specific packs has increased dramatically to include nearly all Duty Officers available from General Recruitment.

These packs are 25% higher in price than the standard packs of the same quality level to reflect this improvement in contents.

Flight Deck Officer Duty Officers that are designed to reduce the cooldown of Boarding Parties now correctly reduce the cooldown.

Putting points into the Neural Neutralizer Duty Officer power will now properly increase the duration of the Placate.


So to summarize, everything related to generating the bread and butter of Free to Play DOFF generation, in relation to the MASSIVE number of DOFFs required to process Starbase and Embassy development, and additionally the across the board increase in dilithium costs and time investment.. equals "F" You, you free to play loosers, pay lots more money now or cry to someone who cares but we clearly don't.