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# 15 The grinder nerf was lame
11-14-2012, 11:14 AM
Same with the STF dilithum nerf, those that are saying "it isn't that bad" or "we needed that to fix X" are those not affected.

Sadly I see space littered with disgarded doff bodie like it's littered with unclaimed lock boxes.

The nerf was simply to make fleet doffs more attractive. What is better? spending 50k dilithum grinding up a purple doff? or fleet credits which can be used for nothing but stuff at the starbase (which for the most part costs dilithum).

It's funny they ruined the grinder and turned the rest of the game into a grind.

And as for the new STF (and all stfs now) just like DOff Grinding, reward is not worth the trouble and cost.

Sad DOffing made STO alot better, now with the nerf.. and don't let me get into the uber nerf for anyone hoarding Dosi Rotgut.

That's the best and funniest thing. Nobody has pointed out.

THEY FARMED THE USAGE DATA. Every nerf they put into place they did on purpose for a specific reason. They know how much credits the average person (and the top and bottom people) has, how much dilithum, how many STFs you've run and how many times you've died.

So every change that has come to make things harder on the player is. As intended.