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Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
I don't believe this will be the case. Neverwinter will have the same "Play X number of UGC Missions for a reward" daily
I doubt that will be the case. UGC is quite integral to the NWN franchise, so I don't think that sort of daily would fly at all. As far as I know, half the reason people played the earlier NWNs was to enjoy player made content, not to just replay the SP game over and over.

NWN is already driving development of the Foundry in STO. The fact we can hide contacts is completely due to NWN, in my opinion. Before work was being done on NWN we were told how it's too hard to make contacts hidden. I can't remember where anymore, but at some point I remember posting that regardless of how hard it was, they'd better figure out how to do it, because not being able to hide contacts in NWN simply would not be acceptable. Look like I was right.

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