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11-14-2012, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by williammarshael View Post
Have fun playing in your own little Perfect World, BY YOURSELF!.........You tool.

You and the Devs can play your broken game I'm moving on to EVE online, MWO or somewhere else.

Star Citizen looks really promising......mostly because PWE or some other publisher is not involved.

And yes complaining is usefull, if enough people (minus the tools such as yourself) do it they may catch a clue.
Yeah, I'll be wandering off to MWO once my college classes are up. . .I don't like the looks of what's been done in S7, and I'm gradually getting bored of the game as it is.

If they had dedicated S7 to KDF content and improving PvP by leaps and bounds, I'd be stay. As it is, it's gotten worse. . .as I can't even grid dil as easily anymore due to the change to the STFs.