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# 56 has PW lost their minds?
11-14-2012, 10:26 AM
So more projects requiring more dilithium to do and less ways to get less dilithium.

season 6 STF Elites = 2 EDC and 1100 dilithium

season 7 STF Elites = 1 processor + 60 Omega marks

season 7 5 processors = 1000 dilitium

Now that is one heck of way to make players leave for another game!

And I have a Liftime subscription to this game... WOW what a total back stabbing I got for being loyal!!!!!!!!

Hey PW what were you thinking? Just more ways to force us to buy Zen? Since that is the only way to get dilithium quickly for the massive amount of projects that require it. Or I guess we could grind for "YEARS" to get the bases built!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks PW!

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