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11-14-2012, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by distantworlds View Post
This is happening outside of into-the-hive. Please check the values. Something has DEFINITELY changed. Never before had I seen 10% hull left while shields remained up.
I totally agree. I've played an ISE before i found this thread with my kdf eng in a mirror vorcha. I've played hundreds of estfs with all my toons combined, and i felt something was wrong, but couldn't exactly say what. Until one of my pug teammates, which got popped a bit too often, complained about not beeing healed by us others. There I discovered that all my hull heal skills were constantly on cooldown since i had to use them on myself.

I then died a couple of times against the spammed spheres and the tac cube with nearly hundred percent shields, but constantly dropping hull strength. It's just not true that nothing had changed, never experienced that before.