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07-25-2009, 10:32 AM
Here's some questions we came up with in IRC:
  • Zeroth: Will we be able to switch out BOs during combat?
  • Deyvid: "will "all phasers" be considered one subsystem, or will "dorsal phasers" be one subsystem while "ventral phasers" are another subsystem"
  • Sobekeus: "Can you give us an example of how positioning will be important for combat?"
  • Karik: can you 'protect' certain subsystems by facing them away from your enemy so repairs can be done relatively uninterrupted
  • deerang: Q. Can we target one subsystem with phasers and a different one with torpedoes ?
  • Deyvid: Will targeting subsystems damage the hull as well?
  • Karik: Will subsystems take damage relative to the ship's general condition (ie. will targeting the ship in general affect the subsystems as well, or will it /only/ affect the hull points
  • lhb: "What are destructible sub systems? Are the weapons of my ship destructible? Or maybe only less important things like tactic stations, medical facilities and that sort of thing?"
  • Karik: "Will we be able to appoint our 'redshirts' to specifically repair one area or subsystem or will it be an all around, X% restored to everything every Y seconds type mechanic?"
  • lhb: "how will i target sub systems? is it a skill that a BO has to learn or more inherent to the game mechanics a la BC and the like?"
  • Deyvid: Will Orion females have a /dance emote?
  • Deyvid: quetions I had about the Vo'Quv,... How many fighters will be available to a single Vo'Quv? Will we always send all fighters at once, or will we be able to choose how many to send out at a given time? If we send out two separate "salvos" of fighters, will the work independantly or both be under the same "orders"?
  • Karik:"Will Bridge Officers of varying professions have skills that work together and reinforce each other?"