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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
No changes were made to standard or STF Borg enemy NPCs alongside Season 7. A few new ones were added for the Into The Hive STFs, but their addition has had no impact on the abilities of their allies.

Plasma DOTs have always had 100% shield bleedthrough, and high-damage torpedoes have always been a difficult-to-balance issue (to put it nicely).

Borg damage was not increased.
Borg abilities were not beefed up.

That said, it's possible that Borg encountered in Into The Hive are set to a higher level than they are in other STFs. I haven't checked to be certain. But if they are, that means they are rolling on different (higher) damage tables.

Well check your coding, something definitely changed. I'm used to bleedthrough damage from borg plasma proc but now its insane compare to 2 days ago (read pre season 7). Not even talking about those invisi torp that you can't see and destroy before they do you in.

And into the hive is simply way too much, too hard and simply not worth it, not enough to gain from doing that mission compare to the difficulty. **** loot and uber ennemy that one shot you constantly. I'll just pug infected and do cure and ka with my fleet but I'm not wasting another hour trying to finish Onslaught. And who had the bright idea to put feedback pulse on borg now, they're not powerful enough as it is? Get serious, if you want anyone playing the new mission change it because I'm not even gonna bother with that one again on elite, simply not worth the hassle.

An now, the borg have no more blind spot, thanks a lot for that, it makes everything so much more fun when you get blown away with nowhere to hide but out of range. And no matter what you fly, cruiser, escort or science ship. Better keep yourself well stocked with components, all of them.
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