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11-14-2012, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by meefee5 View Post
So what exactly is your build, I would like to give it a try myself!

A take on the Dontdrunkimshoot double battery builds. All skills are what you can get at the trainer once I decide that thats what I would stick with I would go looking for rare skills or captain trained versions.

3 purple technicians are absolutely required for this. I even run the 2 piece maco set for its 5% cooldown boost as well. have not had enough time to see if that actually maters(though I'm thinking it doesnt).

The trick is its a little light on hull heals so you either have to watch your hull carefully or run a 2 piece borg. Maco shield is just about required due to resilient properties, I guess a fleet elite resilient would work as well if it has some awesome advantages over the maco.

Right now I use Omega engines as they give the best turnrate of what I have fleet elietes would be good to.

once I hit tier 5 Omega rep I plan on running an adapted set for the torpedo boost set bonus and HG engines and defector stats. With a torp heavy rear weapons setup to allow for a back and forth weaving style of kiting enemies.