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11-14-2012, 11:01 AM
One of the things that irks me is how people literally cling to Dee Pee Ess like a koala latched onto a Eucalyptus tree.

We are Science officers. We specialize in crowd control support, and exposing a target so the "Dee Pee Ess'ers" can rip it to pieces.

This being said, I'm loving the Vesta. The Aux Cannons are a breath of fresh air for us Sci officers that BELONG in Sci ships. Tac officers just keep a full weapon power and blow everything up, while Sci Officers, have to manage power levels to be FULLY effective.

I got all three models, popped all three Aux Cannons with three phaser turrets into the weapon slots. Hit the Aux up to 125, rotate between Energy Siphon, ST, TSS at a 15 sec interval to keep shields and power levels maxed, while popping GW3, and Cannon rapid fire to keep up a steady stream of damage.

Now it wasnt the same damage that my Tact could do in a fleet escort, but it was something I cant do it in any other Sci vessel.

Now Im a bit concerned that there wasnt a Dual beam array used instead of a cannon, especially because of the Target abilities native to Sci ships. But whatever..

I can stay full 125 Aux power, keep shields and power levels up, and dish out steady damage ..adding bursts with RF.

I do not have to manage power levels - wait for full power - pop off skill - manage power level - wait for full power - pop off damage skill.. like I have to in any other Sci ship.

Thumbs up on this ship.