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Originally Posted by direphoenix View Post
My Fleet, <Trust of the Hixu>, has a similar issue where our previously filled DOff contributions show that we have the max amount of contributed DOffs (15/15, 30/30, etc), but the bar is not displaying as "filled". In addition, the "Contribute" button will light up if we have more DOffs that meet the criteria (department) and will go through all the motions of making a contribution when pressed (allow DOffs to be selected), but the contribution window will hang when you actually try to submit those DOffs.
This is a known issue that, while it appears related to the OP's issue, is actually display-based only. No Doffs can be contributed, and no Fleet Credit gained. So even though it's a bit confusing, it's not a high-priority fix.

Having a project's timer fail to tick over... that's a potentially major issue, and our Engineers are investigating.
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