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11-14-2012, 11:20 AM
I think the problem becomes not what is possible to get, but what people want to play to achieve it.

3 non-clicking Foundry missions? That is a massive waste of time most people don't have.

Explore strange new worlds? This generated content is terrible, buggy, and so bad that it should be deleted from the game. Spending 15 mins on this is ok, but the boredom is beyond tolerable, the only reason B'Tran was done because you could get double the dilithium

Eta Eridani triple dailies gets a bit boring after a while, but still doable. I'll give you 1440 here.

Deferi Dailies.. boy these are tough to run. More tedious than the Eta dailies and definitely longer, 2400 for 25 mins is ok but I can't see many doing them every day. I'll back to back the Breen ship one, thats about it.

The academy quiz used to be fine, but am I going to head to Earth so I can get 480 dil when I have no need to anymore? Doubtful

Asteroid mining is a good source, if you can hit the event time and squeeze in back to backs its worth your time.

If you turn in a contraband every other day we'll give you 1000, tack on maybe 500 from Doffing?

I'm guessing I'm going from 8k/day down to 4k, maybe 6 if I'm feeling up to running more than normal. My plan right now is to use KDF marauding to distribute excess contraband to my other characters for dil.