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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
This is a known issue that, while it appears related to the OP's issue, is actually display-based only. No Doffs can be contributed, and no Fleet Credit gained. So even though it's a bit confusing, it's not a high-priority fix.

Having a project's timer fail to tick over... that's a potentially major issue, and our Engineers are investigating.
The problem is: The Contribute UI shows ALL Doffs in your characters possession; and doesn't exclude Doffs who are out on a Doff assignment from that list. If your Contribution transfer screen hangs, it's because you're trying to contribute a Doff that's out on a Doff assignment; and that's not allowed.

And, yes, it seems like a very low priority fix as post season 7 they ONLY thing Cryptic seems intent on doing is removing Dilithium rewards from content Level 50 players enjoyed. They'll need to complete that to DStahl's PWE's satisfaction before they get around to fixing other in game bugs that their crack QA team somehow missed.
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