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11-14-2012, 12:27 PM
And this is exactly why FAs are not fun, unless you happen to be that tacscort that can obliterate a dozen enemies at once.

The whole reward system needs to be redone and the extra rewards for the top scoring people removed in favor of something that rewards each team for contribution to objectives with number of player deaths factored in instead of each player having their own individual score. That way you DO have incentive to use skills like extend shields, hazard emitters, engineering team, etc. on other players and not just slot as many damage and self buff skills as you can to boost your own score. It shouldn't be that hard to do since we already know it does keep track of teams, if you drop team during a FA you get booted.

As far as the title, give it to each person on the top scoring TEAM in each instance instead of just the one top scoring individual.