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11-14-2012, 11:28 AM
Y'know, I am kinda shocked...not about the picture itself, but that it didn't happen sooner. Let's be honest, we've all learned what PWE is like, it's rather amazing it wasn't earlier, the season 7 release was a good job.

I'm curious, were there changes for previous seasons, however briefly, of the backround? If there were, I do believe they were changed back, so our ample elfish...Romulan...Vulcan...whatever species captain, may only be here for a little while.

I really don't care though about the new pic, I neither like nor dislike it. It is a clear, blatant attempt at being a sexual image (regardless) of what Cryptic or PWE would say, but how long would many of us here would look at all, before moving onto another page that you were going to anyways?

Aside from the cleavage, I am not surprised she's holding only a basic phaser. With the costs of everything, at least she can afford that.

Not trying to de-rail the thread of course. Handsome Phaser Guy gonna be the new 'Where's Sulu?'