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11-14-2012, 11:32 AM
The arguement that there were "sexy ladies with revealing clothing" in the TV and movie series just doesn't hold water in this case.

Show me one photo of a non STO female Starfleet uniform with a plunging neckline? You can't because they don't exist unless it's fan fiction.

Off duty clothing was a different story, but that's off duty or a special case like a councellor who isn't wearing a uniform while on duty. Seven was never a starfleet officer and never wore a uniform. I never watched Enterprise so I can't comment on the Vulcan.

Feds have been very consistent with women in uniform, skirts are okay just like some modern dress uniforms, but never anything like this. And to to it off she's obviously a vulcan.....the very embodyment of conservatism!

Mirror universe and Klingons/Orions are a different story. I wouldn't have a problem with an almost naked Orion shooting a disruptor, becasue to them sexuality is a weapon to be weilded to gain power over their adversaries!